If You Could Liken the Public Service to a Famous Family, What Would it Be and Why?

Readers share their thoughts!

Winning Entry - Calvin Ng Li Wei, LTA

winning entry

I would say it is the Tan family from the Under One Roof  TV series. Sometimes, when we attempt to explain our policies, the public thinks we are long-winded. So we are like Tan Ah Teck, whose family members flee once he starts telling his moral-filled stories with “This reminds me of a story. Long before your time...”. At times, we are like Dolly who unites the family with her love and dedication. We provide the framework for a successful Singapore, and bring Singaporeans closer through our various nation-building projects and activities. But sometimes, we are overly bureaucratic, systemic and disciplined like Paul, so people may think that the Public Service is not a fun place to work in, just as girls find Paul a boring man to date. At times, we are like Ronnie who irks his family with his antics like how we sometimes upset the public unintentionally through our actions. For example, when we turn them away from one agency to another agency. Other times, we are like Denise, the live wire of Singapore’s funniest family who is dynamic, passionate, creative, vibrant and energetic. Finally, the Public Service also aims to be the pride of Singapore, just like the successful comedy which was exported to many other countries.

Congratulations Calvin for your detailed description of how the Public Service is like the Tans. You win a $100 Resorts World Singapore voucher so you can take your family for a fun day out.

I think the Public Service is like the Transformers Autobots family because both are righteous, efficient and have that human touch. The Autobots are always secretly around the people they are trying to protect. They have integrated into our daily lives just like how the Singapore Public Service has integrated into our community to create the right environment for our people to earn a good living, raise a family and lead a fulfilling life.

Lim Wu Yi, PA

I would liken the Public Service to the family of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesbecause although all the characters have different capabilities and attitudes, the turtles and their Sensei work together as one to fight off the evil Shredder and other bad guys. The Public Service, made up of various agencies, has a common goal: to overcome their unique challenges and serve Singapore.

Jane Ang, SGH

The Public Service is similar to the Swiss Family Robinson. We are made up all ages and we still face adversities (challenges) together as all departments and boards are interlinked. When the storm approaches we try to solve problems together on the island city we call Singapore. Just like the Robinsons, we adhere to our values and principles dearly. We welcome changes for the better.

Balasubramaniam s/o Jeyanathan, PUB

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