Your Funniest Memory Of Celebrating National Day

Happy 49th Birthday

William Neo, HPB
During my NS, I was deployed to manage the follow-spot lighting for the President in the 2001 National Day Parade. My buddy and I worked as a pair, and we were “stranded” on the scaffold atop one of the stadium floodlights. Initially, we thought we had the best view when the fireworks started. But we never expected the wind to “arrive” just in time for the fireworks to be blown towards us. With no place to hide, we had to bear with the little fiery shower unwillingly. Luckily, neither of us was hurt, but we had a lot of holes in our National Day event tee! It is something I’ll remember for life!

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Koh Hock Guan, IRAS
In August 2012, I suggested to my family that we organise our own marching parade contingent at home. I asked our relatives and friends to represent the Singapore Army, Navy, Air Force and Police. My father was the Parade RSM and needed to memorise all the Malay commands. Every time he pronounced something wrongly, my mother and I would laugh, and we would have many NGs (“No Good”, which means re-do). Sometimes the way my friends and relatives marched was also funny – some marched like Donald Duck as they had never marched before, but after a few practices, our marching was perfect! Since then, my family always makes an effort to organise our own parade and record a family video.

Ong Chun Shou,
I participated in the 1997 NDP, marching in the supporting contingent with the National Cadet Corps. I found out many years after knowing my wife that she had also participated in the same parade, as one of the dancers in the pre-parade. In the finale event, all the parade performers had to run onto the National Stadium field holding light sticks. My wife and I were standing on the same field at the same time without knowing the other (existed)! It was a “Turn Left, Turn Right” (向左走·向右走; 2003 Hong Kong movie) moment for us. =)

Ling Geok Wah, Prisons
My late father would tell me I was saved by National Day 42 years ago. My late mother was pregnant with me (her ninth child) and was scheduled for an abortion. At the time, having me was a big no-no with the “Stop At Two” policy. On the way to the clinic for the dreadful event (for my parents), there was a roadblock for the National Day Parade and there was no way my parents could reach the clinic that day. They took it as a divine sign and decided to keep me. So here I am, thanks to National Day!

Karthikayini Senthilkumaran, MinLaw
My secondary school was chosen to perform a mass dance display for NDP 2002. When it rained, the Kallang Theatre field would be covered with blue plastic sheets so that we didn’t squelch in the mud and dirty our uniforms. But we would skate over the slippery sheets and try to push one another over, despite warnings by the adults not to do so. One rainy day, a mischievous classmate reached out to trip up another classmate. The poor victim skidded but came to a halt like an Olympic skiing pro, causing the whole line of people behind him, including the perpetrator, to slam into him and fall over like a deck of dominoes. No one was hurt, but heavy scolding from our teachers ensued. Their raised voices, however, could not drown out our peals of laughter. Fun memories indeed!


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