Found! Office Superheroes

Readers tell us who has been saving the day at their workplaces.

Congratulations! Because you’re so awesome, Challenge is giving away $30 vouchers to all featured superheroes as a ‘Thank You’ for being incredible at work. As a hat-tip for the nominators, we’re also giving you $30 vouchers each! So watch out for them in the mail!

Sufiah Mohd Salleh,
National Parks Board

Sufiah is the heroine of the Lifestyle Business Division. Beneath her shy and unassuming exterior is a superwoman who produces high quality work under minimal supervision. She makes the task of assisting eight managers and the director look easy. With her built-in Google search engine, she always has answers to our queries. A manager said recently: “I really don’t know what I’ll do without her.” She is the division’s heartbeat, No. 1 in her work and No. 1 in our hearts.

Mark Teo, NParks

Eric Pok & Ryan Hong,
People’s Association

One Saturday at the Toa Payoh East Community Club, children having tuition were interrupted by a huge husky on the premises. Unaware of possible risks, they crowded around the dog. Constituency Manager Eric Pok and Constituency Management Executive Ryan Hong were concerned for their safety and ushered them back to class. The duo lodged a missing dog report, bought dog food, and took the dog to a vet to scan for an embedded identification microchip. This helped to reunite the husky with its owner. Their actions were truly commendable.

Jeffery Lim, PA

National Environment Agency

Customer Service Officer Leelavathi has been with NEA since 1976. She’s always consistent in her work. At the peak of the election campaigns last year, our unit received a high number of appeals and feedback. Leelavathi went the extra mile, despite the increased workload, and scanned our replies for errors before they were sent out. Because of this, we prevented some erroneous replies from going out, especially during this sensitive period. Leelavathi retired on March 29 and we’d like to take this opportunity through Challenge to thank her for her invaluable service.

Yan Chui Ping, NEA

Arthur Ng,
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

Arthur is our unsung hero who ensures that all court forms are accountable for Court mention even if it’s not his duty. It’s our fortune and pleasure to work with him. Always remember that when you need help just call the name “Arthur” and he’ll be there. Do you ever wonder why you can sleep soundly at night? It’s because the great superhero “Arthur” has done his rounds.

Sam Samudra Mizzy, ICA



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    May 18, 2012
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