Get More Website Visitors With Shortened Links

Long URLs are a pain to thumb into mobile devices. For letters, ads, or apps like Instagram that don’t allow clickable links, use shortened links to make it easier for viewers to go to your site.
Get More Website Visitors With Shortened Links

Make typing super easy

Keep social media account names short and consistent across platforms. The Health Promotion Board, for instance, uses “HPBsg” for their Facebook account.

Simplify links

Several sites have link domains you can shorten:

  • –> or
    E.g., redirects to
  • –>
    Every Wordpress blog or post can have a short link.
    E.g., The short link for is – and can be further customised with a Wordpress plug-in.

Always check before using short forms. For example, and do not redirect to Instagram and YouTube.

Avoid gibberish

Customise your short links so that instead of a jumble of letters and numbers, they can be easily pronounced and memorised. Avoid mixing lower and upper cases.

Services to try, and all allow customisable links and the option to track click statistics. Stick to one service for consistency.

    Jan 5, 2016
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