The Total Defence Challenge

Think you know Total Defence? How many positive actions that strengthen our nation can you spot in this Total Defence Puzzle?

In today’s world, threats to a nation are increasingly targeted at hearts and minds, seeking to destroy our resilience and social unity. But everyone can do our part and work together to counter them. It has been over 30 years since the launch of Total Defence. More than ever, the five pillars of Military, Civil, Economic, Social and Psychological defence are needed to tackle the multiple challenges Singapore faces.

In this Total Defence Puzzle, people from all walks of life are doing various things to contribute to Total Defence, from carrying out simple everyday actions to taking part in national programmes and movements.  There are 35 actions in all, but for a start, move your cursor around to find 15 actions you can do to keep Singapore safe, strong and sovereign.

For a full list of the 35 actions in this Total Defence Puzzle, and to learn more about Total Defence, go to or
    Apr 25, 2018
    Kelvin Chan, MINDEF
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