Learn Something New With These 7 Government Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get through the work day without adding on to your screen fatigue. While you’re working from home or commuting, tuning in to these audio channels can help you learn something new.
Listen to a podcast while you commute and learn something new.

1. Let’s Talk CPF by Central Provident Fund (CPF)

Brush up your knowledge on CPF with this podcast.Gain an extra nugget of knowledge about finance with these audio snippets produced by the CPF. This podcast debunks CPF retirement myths, answers common questions like where CPF monies go to, offers tips on financial planning and features interviews with industry experts. Take a listen here.

2. The Challenge Podcast by Challenge

If you have free time, listen to the Challenge podcast by Challenge and gain a deeper understanding of Singapore's Public Service.Surprise! Challenge has launched its very own podcast on Spotify. The channel aims to take a deep dive into Singapore’s Public Service as it scores interviews with public officers of various disciplines. Catch the first episodes two public service career coaches and Chief HR Officer, Low Peck Kem, as well as an episode featuring Rovik Robert as he unpacks his passion for social good and the role he plays at the Economic Development Board.

3. TechAway by GovTech Singapore

Want to understand tech a little better? Tune into the TechAway podcast by GovTechHosted by GovTech employees (“GovTechies”), this podcast will fill you in on technology trends and how new digital services are infused into the organisation’s projects. Even if you’re not a tech junkie, TechAway breaks down complicated subjects like blockchain into layman’s terms, making it an easy listening experience.

GovTech’s Director of Open Government Projects Li Hongyi made a special appearance on Episode 12 of the Tech Lead Journal podcast. Get inspired as Mr Li shares his insights on the development of the relatively new unit transforming how public officers do work digitally.

4. ELIS Podcast by the English Language Institute of Singapore

Interested in languages? Check out the ELIS podcast by the English Language Institute of Singapore.

If you’re an English teacher or interested in how languages are learned, ELIS’s podcast is made for you. These bite-sized discourses (around 5 to 10 minutes) focus on pedagogy with topics ranging from questioning techniques, metacognition and multiliteracies. Browse through their 15 episodes and see what newfound strategies you can apply in the classroom or at home.

5. Moving Art by National Library Board

If you have an affinity for art, the Moving Art by the National Library Board might just be up your alley.

At the Moving Art podcast, each episode opens with a cheerful jingle before delving into themes of film, music, theatre and dance. The mini-series explores topics on the rise of modern documentaries, cinematography of horror films, adult animation and the works of Hayao Miyazaki, an internationally acclaimed animator.

Several public officers have kickstarted their own podcast as personal projects on the side. Find out more about their conversations:

6. Radio DDC by National Library Board

Learn more about Singapore’s musical history through Radio DDC by the National Library Board.

Join Radio DDC and let art librarians take you on a narrative journey into Singapore’s musical landscape. This four-part podcast by the National Library invites a special guest on every episode, unveiling knowledge on Singapore’s musical history that we might’ve missed out in school.

7. StayAtHome by REACH

Lay back and chill with CB Steady podcast series.

The “CB Steady” series was initiated during the 2020 circuit breaker to connect with and to encourage Singaporeans in times of uncertainty. It stars local celebrity Benjamin Heng who engages in cheery monologues about the circuit breaker happenings. Although that phase is over, Heng’s light-hearted use of Mandarin, Singlish and Hokkien in every episode of this audio diary is still worth listening to – especially with the seniors in our lives.

For all things innovation, the Civil Service College has a For Your Innovation podcast. Check it out on the LEARN app.

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    Jul 7, 2021
    Kate Ling
    Janessa Aw
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