From Guest Officer To Sports Champion

The journey of an ActiveSG staff from guest officer to Sports Champion.
Chelvam Raman, ActiveSG guest officer, picked up new skills to become an aqua aerobics instructor.
Chelvam Raman took the initiative to learn new skills and is now a strong swimmer and aqua aerobics instructor.

Not someone to “only sit at one place”, Chelvam Raman – who joined what was then the Singapore Sports Council as a guest officer in 2006 – would often get up from her seat behind the ticketing counter to meet and greet visitors at Delta Sports Centre. But beyond attending to enquiries, she felt she had more to give. “I don’t like to be stagnant… I like to multitask,” she said.

Chelvam got her chance when the Singapore Sports Council began its evolution to become Sport Singapore in 2014, broadening its mandate from managing sports facilities to growing a national movement for sport. ActiveSG Chief Lai Chin Kwang was on one of his rounds to share this vision with his staff when Chelvam seized the opportunity to expand her job scope, “quickly” volunteering to take up training. “I told him: can we start immediately?”

Chelvan Raman, now a Sports Champion, was not afraid to try and took initiative to volunteer when the opportunity came.

The 56-year-old enthusiastically learned how to run and develop fitness programmes, and trained in water safety and lifesaving skills to become a Pool Guardian. She also started assisting instructors at aqua aerobics classes.

One day, while taking over an aqua aerobics class when its instructor was unable to attend, she was spotted by Mr Lai on one of his informal visits. She was not “officially” an instructor yet, and was at first worried she would be told off. Instead, much to her relief, Mr Lai enthusiastically praised her for her initiative, and has since used her story to illustrate the growth mindset he hopes to cultivate, as part of the transformation of ActiveSG.

Chelvan Raman, now a Sports Champion, conducts an aqua aerobics class of ten.

Today, as a senior guest officer, she also proudly bears a significant title: Sports Champion. “I never thought that I would one day be a programme instructor, but I was not afraid to try and when the opportunity came, I volunteered. And now I enjoy conducting classes.”

This series is part of the PS I Love You campaign. Watch Chelvam’s video on the PSD Facebook page.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Sheralyn Tay
    Norman Ng
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