TV Shows For The Weary Public Officer

Looking for less-often recommended shows to binge-watch over the weekend? From insightful documentaries to an outrageous animated TV series, there’s something for everyone.
The TV series to watch

From compelling characters to workplace dynamics, these TV series paint a vivid picture of life in the public sector workplace.

Inside Job

For government work with a twist, dive into Inside Job. This US adult animated comedy series is set in a science fiction world where conspiracy theories are, in fact, real.

The show follows an awkward genius and her dysfunctional colleagues at a government agency, where the mission is to keep the conspiracies a secret. Each episode lasts just about 30 minutes. Laced with humour and social commentary, this show offers a complete break from reality while still weaving in elements of the workplace in the real world.

Watch Inside Job on Netflix.

Code of Law

If you enjoy following court trials and law matters, here is a fictitious crime drama series for you. Set in Singapore, Code of Law features a team of investigators solving heinous crimes such as murder cases, while another team of lawyers represent the defendant at trial.

Inspired by real-life cases, the show also highlights the challenges in achieving justice for the victims. Get a glimpse inside the minds of criminals, and the circumstances and conflicts that happen in a courtroom and police investigations.

Watch Code of Law now on meWATCH.

Forecasting Love and Weather

For a peep into what meteorologists do, check out this 16-episode Korean romantic comedy. It features the work and love lives of staff at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the national weather forecasting service.

Though fictional, the drama weaves in details from several months of research, including observing and consulting with real-life forecasters and weather reporters. Weather-related terms are used to show the unpredictable patterns of life – and love – at work, creating memorable scenes and lines.

The two leads play very different characters whose opposites clash and attract. Public officers will relate well to the tension of getting accurate and timely information out to the public, and perhaps wince in sympathy at the brickbats and complaints when the characters make the wrong judgment calls.

Watch Forecasting Love and Weather on Netflix.


For factual accounts of law enforcement bringing the bad guys to justice, mixed with some valiant attempts at acting, the local TV show Crimewatch is for you.

Produced by the National Crime Prevention Council, each episode re-enacts how crimes have been solved by the Singapore Police. With 36 seasons over 36 years, the show explores real-life cases of scams, drug trafficking, murders and theft.

In 2021, a clip taken from a 1998 episode went viral on the video platform TikTok. The clip shows a woman in shock after having her necklace snatched, along with a voiceover: “The woman was too stunned to speak.” It’s become a viral meme with more than 127,000 videos on TikTok using the sound, and netizens all over the world remixing the phrase.

Watch Crimewatch on meWATCH, with episodes in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Being A Nurse

A thought-provoking six-episode documentary series, Being A Nurse delves into the lives of nurses in Singapore, and the impact they make on their patients.

From managing busy shift schedules to assisting in surgical procedures, these dedicated nurses show us the hard work that defines their profession. A word of warning: Some scenes may get you emotional as they portray the final moments of terminally-ill patients.

Watch Being A Nurse on meWATCH, and it will give you plenty to consider about the healthcare industry.

The Office

For fun and laughs, The Office is a sitcom television series spanning nine seasons and 201 episodes. This relatable series depicts the everyday lives of office employees working in a fictional paper company called Dundler Mifflin in Pennsylvania, US.

The unique and well-defined characters make the show. From work ethics and values to skills, each character has something to learn from. As the series progresses, their character development will leave you hooked on the story.

Watch The Office on Amazon’s Prime Video and see which characters remind you of your co-workers.

CNA’s Inside Maximum Security

CNA’s Inside Maximum Security is a four-part documentary that explores life inside Singapore’s Changi Prison. The documentary captures the day-to-day lives of six inmates.

Filmed mostly within the prison walls, it gives a rare insight into the lives of prison officers and inmates. It shows how incarceration affects the inmates’ mental states, what they are taught for re-entry into society, and the bonds formed between officers and inmates.

Beyond the maximum security prison, the documentary uncovers a deeper understanding of Singapore’s prison system as a whole.

Watch Inside Maximum Security on CNA or CNA Insider’s YouTube channel.

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    Apr 26, 2022
    Felicia Keok
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