Team-Building Activities For Your Team’s Personality

Want to bond with your colleagues but don’t know what to do? Try these fun team-building activities.
Team-Building Activities For Your Team’s Personality

Is your team filled with adventure seekers, generous givers, innovative ideators, or chill introverts? Challenge presents team building activities for each team personality.

From outdoor adventures to island retreats, these activities can help cultivate a dynamic team spirit.

The Adventure-Seekers

1. The Adventure-Seekers

Does your team consist of people who are outdoor lovers and problem solvers? These activities can accommodate both small and large groups, and are designed to build your team’s overall resilience and tenacity.

Outdoor Adventure Challenges

Develop your courage, trust, and reliance on one another through outdoor adventure courses, ranging from ‘flying fox’ ziplines to traversing wooden logs.

Completing obstacle courses also demand effective interpersonal communication skills and camaraderie, which will be useful as you navigate the terrain of the Public Service together.

Escape Room Challenges

Escape rooms are immersive games where players work together to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries. To escape the room successfully, team members must think critically and creatively, as well as leverage on one another’s expertise to approach the puzzles from different angles.

Team Sports & Games

From classic sports like Captains Ball to niche games such as Laser Tag, Running Man, and scavenger hunts, there are many sports you can explore with your team. Beyond improving physical fitness, mood and energy levels, team sports also create a sense of camaraderie.

The Givers

2. The Givers

Want to serve the community together? Check out these meaningful causes.  

Volunteer With Lesser-Known Social Causes

While causes related to serving seniors and caring for animals are widely-known, vulnerable groups such as the homeless and youths-at-risk could benefit from greater public support.

Volunteering with marginalised communities not only sensitises the team to their needs, but also encourages conversations and collaboration to find better ways to serve others.

Beach Cleanups

In the past two decades, combating climate change has grown increasingly important, with Singapore aiming to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Participating in a beach cleanup increases the team's awareness of the impact of pollution and waste on natural ecosystems. It can also foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

The Ideators

3. The Ideators

For those who thrive on exchanging ideas, here are some dynamic avenues for your team to unleash their creative flair.

Trivia Nights

If your team is constantly hungry for knowledge, trivia nights may be the way to go. Learn about everything from history to pop culture in a relaxed environment, or get competitive with prizes for the winning team!

PowerPoint Nights

PowerPoint night is a trendy activity popularised on TikTok, where groups of friends take turns to present on creative and quirky topics of their choice.

Indulge in a night of fun and laughter as you present and discuss topics as varied as everyone’s best and worst photos on Instagram or which characters from ‘The Office’ your colleagues resemble.

The Chill Ones

4. The Chill Ones

If your team consists of mostly introverts, here are some ways you can get to know them in a comfortable environment. 

Team Building Retreats

A rejuvenating team-building retreat is a welcome escape from workplace monotony, giving your team space to recharge.

Spending extended time together at a retreat allows you to bond on a personal level and create fun memories together. Away from the pressures of daily work, teammates may find it easier to express themselves, share ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Retreat Idea: Island Hopping

Besides Pulau Ubin and Coney Island, several other islands surrounding Singapore make great spots for your team’s next retreat.

Book your tickets, pack your bags, and you’re all set! No passport needed!

Unique Food Experiences

Singapore is renowned as a nation of food enthusiasts. Whether it’s experimenting with flavours in ice-cream making or crafting unique mocktail recipes, the process of exploring such unique food experiences encourages collaborative creativity within the team.

This serves as an enjoyable alternative to traditional team building activities and is also a fun opportunity to discover your colleagues’ food preferences beyond their usual lunch choices near the office.

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    Dec 11, 2023
    Jayme Teo
    Constance Neo
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