Savour Nature On The Park Connector Network

Love adventure, wildlife or just want to keep fit by cycling? An escape into nature is never too far away with Singapore’s Park Connector Network, which is full of things to do and wildlife to see.

The Wild West


Where: The Western Adventure Loop winds through Bukit Batok Town Park and Bukit Batok Nature Park.

What: The many quarries here provided granite during Singapore’s post-independence construction boom. After the 1980s, a few out of the 25 quarries were filled with earth while others were left to collect rainwater.

The quarries then found new life at the hands (and feet) of adventure seekers. According to the Singapore Mountaineering Foundation, climbing as a sport started in Singapore in the 1980s, with self-taught climbers exploring the cliffs of Dairy Farm Quarry.

Distance: 12km

1. The Long-tailed Macaque @ Bukit Panjang Park Connector And Hindhede Nature Park


The long-tailed macaque is often seen on the fringes of parks and nature reserves. Though known for rummaging in dustbins and sometimes seen as pests, the macaques contribute greatly to biodiversity by dispersing plant seeds in Singapore’s reserves. Like the macaques, you can climb trees too: try the sport of technical tree climbing, where participants make their way up the branches using ropes and harnesses. Outdoor adventure interest groups such as Ministry of Adventure and Singapore Adventurous Nature-Lovers organise tree-climbing events led by professional instructors.

2. Mountain Climbing @ Dairy Farm Quarry Cliffs


Today, adrenaline seekers and experienced climbers can attempt the multiple bolted rock climbing routes. Get updates on route conditions and potential dangers (such as loose rocks from weathering) at the Dairy Farm Natural Rock Climbing Facebook group.

3. The "Flying Lemur" @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Just taking a stroll? Look out for the “flying lemur”. Its real name is the Malayan Colugo, and the nocturnal mammal glides by leaping in the air and spreading its limbs, which are connected by a thin membrane. Its brown coat is great camouflage when it is still, so be attentive to spot one.

4. The Eyebrowed Thrush @ Dairy Farm Nature Park


Bird lovers can also keep their eyes peeled for the Eyebrowed Thrush. The rare migratory bird from Siberia has been spotted at the Dairy Farm Nature Park and is usually found here in November and December, escaping harsh winters.

5. Mountain Biking @ Zhenghua Park And Dairy Farm Nature Park


The mountain biking trails here have steep inclines and descents, good for intermediate to advanced cyclists. For route conditions and video guides on how to tackle challenging segments of the trail, check the Facebook group Mountain Bike Kakis.

    Mar 15, 2016
    Clara Lock
    Ng Shi Wei
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