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The party season has arrived so here’s the chance to throw a good one to impress your bosses and colleagues. Drinks are a must if you want to loosen up those stiff shoulders and straight backs. Clueless? Fret not. Challenge asked six bartenders to concoct drinks that are sure to break the (Public Service) ice. Learn from the best and bottoms up!
No Wrong Door

No Wrong Door

by Alex Tan of dbl O

What’s in it:
Bacardi Breezer Peach 60ml • green apple vodka 30ml • Violette Viot • 1883 Philibert Routin 20ml • Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin 15ml

Alex’s idea:
Just as public officers don’t reject queries from members of the public, it’ll be hard for anyone to resist this looker of a cocktail – tall, slender and alluring. And it’s supposed to taste even better than it looks, promises Alex, a champion in the creative cocktail category of the National Cocktail Competition 2008.

Red Tape

Red Tape

by Dominic Lee of Chit’s Bar & Restaurant

What’s in it:
Top: Peach tea 180ml • Martell 45ml • Bols cassis 45ml • peach syrup 30ml • with a rind of beetroot peel
Middle: Fresh mango puree 30ml • evaporated milk 30ml • passion fruit syrup 15ml
Bottom: Canned peach 1/2 slice • fresh mango puree 30ml

Dominic’s take:
“My impression of the public servant is more of a ‘tea’ than ‘alcohol’ person”, says Dominic, so he used a tea cup-like shooter glass to serve up Red Tape. This fresh, fruity drink rewards the red tape-slashing public officer who follows through to the mango and peach at the bottom. For an olfactory oomph, rub a kaffir lime leaf against the cup.

Red Ocean, Blue Ocean

Red Ocean, Blue Ocean

by Lau Wei Jin of eM by the River

What’s in it:
Outside (blue): Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka 40ml • ripe apple juice 30ml • 100plus 30ml • Vok Blue Curacao 10ml • peach syrup 10ml • frosted longans
Inside (red): Smirnoff Vodka 10ml • ripe mango juice 10ml • Ribena 5ml • grenadine syrup 5ml

Wei Jin’s take: 
Tired of battling your rivals head-on in the Red Ocean? Try plunging into the inventive unknown of the Blue Ocean. If you’re feeling brave, down both together but Wei Jin suggests you “take the blue liquid first as it is more refreshing and has a lighter taste than the red one.”

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

by Shah Dillon of BottleFlipz

What’s in it:
Kahlua 30ml • lychee liqueur 30ml • Cointreau 15ml

Shah’s idea:
Raise the alarm with this Smoke Detector. The fanciful swirls of dry ice will wow your guests but once the smoke screen fizzles out, what’s left standing is a plain but powerful drink.

Monday Blues

Monday Blues

Kazuhiro Chii of Bar 84

What’s in it:
Absolut Ruby Red 20ml • Teichenne Peach Schnapps 20ml • Vok Blue Curacao 10ml • fresh lime juice 10ml • Marie Brizard White Pepper Mint 1tsp

Kazuhiro’s take:
“The grapefruit flavour provides you comfort and its peach taste makes you happy. The peppermint also brings a pleasant cooling sensation,” promises Kazuhiro, a Yokohama native who has been a bartender for 15 years. If we had this every Monday, the blues sure won’t be there.

You're fired!

You’re fired!

by Kenny Hong of Zirca

What’s in it:
Bacardi 151 5ml • La Fee Absinth 5ml • Midori 5ml • Cointreau 5ml

This drink burns your throat and leaves a bitter aftertaste – probably how you’d feel after getting the boot. The high alcohol content (more than 20%) will also help to drown your sorrows. But steer clear if you want to keep your job.

Editor’s note: This drink should really be banned from festive year-end parties. But we couldn’t resist including it. If your staff can take a prank, this will be a drink that’ll leave a burning impression.
    Nov 4, 2010
    Chen Jingting
    Jasmine Tan
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