A Feast For All: Food Places For Diverse Diets

When it’s time to celebrate a promotion in the office or a colleague’s birthday, or simply to enjoy a team lunch treat (hint hint, boss), head to these eateries that meet all sorts of dietary needs — while offering unique flavours too.


A Feast For All
Left: The juicy and succulent portobello mushroom burger is both stomach-filling and healthful. Right: The signature gluten-free banana pancakes is fluffy and has just the right texture.

Real Food calls itself “slow food”, as their meals are made from scratch and cooked to order. So be prepared to spend some quality time with one another during the wait (a snack beforehand is advised for those who get impatient when hungry). The cafe, which has three branches, serves up creative interpretations of vegetarian dishes, with vegan and gluten-free options. Meals can also be prepared sans onions or garlic. You’ll find chickpea and sweet potato cakes, and capsicums stuffed with a veggie patty.

A Feast For All

If you’re looking for more familiar comfort food, grab a vegetarian pizza or pasta. Even the brunch indulgences are quirkily healthful: the menu includes items such as wheat-free banana pancakes and quinoa coquette burger. Despite the wait, the warmly lit, wood-filled decor will make you feel right at home.

A Feast For All
The high ceiling and cosy ambience is perfect for company celebratory lunches.

Outlets at Orchard Central, Square 2, and South Beach:
110 Killiney Road, Tai Wah Building, Singapore 239549
Phone: 67379516
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am—8.45pm; Sunday 10am—7.45pm
Capacity: 80 diners
Website: realfoodgrocer.com

A Feast For All


A Feast For All
Top Left: The “Drag-Pom” salad is a refreshing treat for those who like to eat fruits as main meals. Bottom: Try an appetiser of sundried tomatoes, olives and lemon cheese.

With its industrial chic decor and hip locale, Afterglow provides trendy raw food options for vegans, vegetarians and those with adventurous taste buds. The food here is not heated and has no preserved ingredients. One-of-a-kind items include the “Drag-Pom” salad, a bed of greens with chunks of dragonfruit, pomegranate and avocado topped with macadamia nuts. For mains, try a dish of raw zucchini shaved to form linguine, served with “meat”-balls shaped from walnuts, shiitake mushrooms and dates. Afterglow also makes a raw vegan nut cheese — spread it on the crunchy beetroot and rosemary crackers for an explosion of unusual flavours. The restaurant is housed in a cosy space, so call ahead to make arrangements if going in a bigger group.

Address: 24 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089131
Phone: 62248921
Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 12pm—11pm; Tuesday 5pm—11pm; Friday and Saturday 12pm—12am. Closed on Sunday.
Capacity: 30 diners, with arrangements to fit up to 16 diners indoors
Website: afterglow.sg

A Feast For All


A Feast For All
The sumptuous spread will leave you stuffed.

A Halal-certified eatery specialising in Turkish food, Sofra is a stalwart in the local dining scene. Start with the Salad Plate, from which you and your fellow diners can sample a variety of appetisers — eggplant salad, vine leaf rolls stuffed with spiced glutinous rice and hummus (mop up the creamy dip with some bread on the side). For the mains, the sumptuous platters are again a good way to share and sample multiple dishes. The Chef plate, for instance, features skewers and patties of beef, lamb and chicken. Vegetarians can opt for vegetable kebab and bread baked with walnuts, eggplant, tomato and cheese. The generous portions will leave you stuffed, so come in a big group, or with a big appetite.

Address: 100 Beach Rd, Singapore 189702
Phone: 62911433
Hours: Monday to Thursday 11.30am—2.30pm and 6.30am—9pm; Friday 11.30am—2.30pm and 6.30pm—10pm; Saturday 12pm—10pm; and Sunday 12pm—9.30pm
Capacity: 60 diners
Website: bit.ly/sofrasg

A Feast For All


A Feast For All
Left: The spring rolls are crispy without being oily. Right: The golden sand bun is a must-try.

Nibble your way to a full belly at Tang Tea House, a Halal-certified joint that serves up Chinese fare such as dim sum and zi char dishes. The menu includes favourites such as egg tarts, shrimp dumplings and chee cheong fun, as well as some special treats. Get the popular salted egg yolk buns and delight in the golden custard that spills out of the centres, or slurp soup with a straw out of massive soup shrimp balls. If you’re hankering for more ample dishes to go along with all the bite-sized snacking, Tang Tea House does a special fried bee hoon, which is fried till crisp and served like a pancake. Both outlets are open late for those TGIF late-night suppers.

Two outlets at Simpang Bedok and Jalan Kayu:
242 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799466
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am—12am; Friday and weekend 12pm—2am
Capacity: Hawker centre-style tables can seat 6 to 8 diners each

A Feast For All


A Feast For All

Even the purest carnivores won’t feel they’re missing out at Whole Earth, an award-winning Thai-Peranakan vegetarian restaurant. Here, meat is replaced with robust natural ingredients, not flour-based mock meat. The Nyonya curry, for example, has shiitake mushrooms and potatoes in a mildly spicy gravy, slow-cooked for eight hours till thick. Meanwhile in a meatless version of classic cereal prawns, tofu cubes are fried with oats and curry leaves, keeping the unique mix of flavours from Thai, Malay and Chinese cuisines.

A Feast For All
Left: The braised broccoli with monkey head mushrooms is a pleasant surprise for meat eaters.

Still not convinced? Try the braised broccoli with monkey head mushrooms, which has all the yummy umami of meat without the animal protein. This eatery’s extensive menu of medium-sized portions is perfect for group meals, as you can share dishes and sample a bit of everything.

Address: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331
Phone: 63233308
Hours: 11.30am—2.30pm and 5.30pm—9.15pm daily
Capacity: 30 diners
Website: bit.ly/wholeearthsg

A Feast For All


A Feast For All

One of the few kosher eateries in Singapore, Awafi serves not only traditionally Middle Eastern food but Indian, Western and Chinese cuisines as well to satisfy everyone’s palate. Pair the chicken schnitzel (breaded chicken) with dips such as hummus (made from chickpeas) or tahini (made from sesame seeds).

A Feast For All
The grilled lamb chop is tender and full of flavour.

Other go-to dishes are the grilled lamb chop and Sichuan chicken. Or try something different like the lamb sambousik (minced meat in pastry puffs resembling epok-epok). And since you’re in a group, spread the calories and share the desserts, which are all made in-house. To get to the restaurant on the sixth floor of the Jacob Ballas Centre, you have to go through a security check, so make reservations and bring along a photo ID.

Address: 24 Waterloo St, Singapore 187950
Phone: 63365166 or 90880230
Hours: 8.30am—9.30am, 12.30pm—2.15pm, 6.30pm—9.15pm daily Closed on Saturday and Jewish holidays. Limited menu on days before Shabbat. Reservations are recommended.
Capacity: 40 diners, with other rooms available for large events
Website: bit.ly/awafisg

A Feast For All

    May 11, 2016
    Clara Lock
    John Heng
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