Your Best Or Proudest Moments At Work This Year, In Photos

Challenge Your Say

In the future: fridges that will send you grocery lists and apps to control your airconditioning or coffee maker. How would you imagine your workplace to be like with Internet-connected appliances?

Send your picture with a short caption to

The winning entry will receive a prize worth up to $100. All other published entries will win vouchers worth $30 each. Please include your name, agency email address, agency and contact number.

All entries should reach us by December 7, 2015.

Challenge Your Say

Challenge Your Say

Adrian Chan, NLB

Mapping out Singapore with our historical heritage at the National Archives Conservation Lab.

Congratulations Adrian, you win dining vouchers to the restaurants at the National Gallery Singapore, to share with your colleagues. Happy feasting!

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Lee Kah Wee, MOE

Lighting up my students’ lives at school, with all the Secondary 1 students wearing safety goggles during their first Chemistry practical. My student volunteered to take this picture.

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Nadera Abdul Aziz, NCSS

This is Darisyh and he has cerebral palsy. His family came all the way from Tampines to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park at 8am just to let their son have a go at the new inclusive playground. Darisyh was the first to try out the wheelchair swing. This being his first time, I expected him to be scared and took it step by step, swinging slowly. But Darisyh was smiling throughout and asked me to swing higher! I’m really proud to be part of the inclusive playground project. For many children in wheelchairs, this was their first time being able to play at a playground.

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Muhd Hakim Salim, SupCourt

My proudest moment: When I got to host the Supreme Court National Day Observance Ceremony in the Old Supreme Court Building (now the National Gallery Singapore). I got to sing Majulah Singapura and recite the pledge, loud and proud!

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Lucy Law-Chan, ITE

This may seem like any other group photo. To me, it holds a special place in my heart. This was taken at our Racial Harmony Day Celebration – my first event as a rookie manager. The evening before, I had made an “unbelievable” request to get all my department colleagues to wear their traditional costumes. Thankfully no one was “stunned like vegetable” – almost everyone turned up in traditional costume the next day.

    Nov 6, 2015
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