What Will Your Future Workplace Be Like With Internet-Connected Appliances?

Challenge Your Say

If you could compare yourself to a native plant or animal species of Singapore, what would it be and why?

Send your picture with a short caption to psd_challenge@psd.gov.sg.

The winning entry will receive a prize worth up to $100. All other published entries will win vouchers worth $30 each. Please include your name, agency email address, agency and contact number.

All entries should reach us by January 27, 2016.

Challenge Your Say

Huzaifa Shabbir, PUB

As I walk into my office building, facial recognition tech allows me to reach my office without scanning my pass or selecting the floor in the lift. An electronic mat at my work station automatically detects my mobile phone and tablet, and charges them if needed. It also updates my files from the tablet onto my office computer. A camera inside my desktop screen uses facial recognition to confirm if I’m the authorised user before switching on my screen. The computer sorts through my emails, based on an algorithm that determines which emails need my attention first (I don’t want to be the last to read my director’s email!). Throughout the day, the camera scans for facial cues to detect my mood and plays music to energise me. A few hours after lunch, the computer instructs the coffee machine to whip up a cup of coffee to keep me going for the last hour of work. At the end of the day, the computer calls for a lift to my floor and turns off the lights to save electricity.

Congratulations Huzaifa! We’re sending you vouchers from Challenger so you could get one step closer to the future with techy gadgets (like that wireless charging mat).

Aarti Budhiraja, LTA

Issue me a wristband that works like Visa payWave so I can open the office door without using an access card. Install touch-screen drawing boards in meeting rooms that will email the written notes to attendees after the meeting. Connect all public agencies’ meeting rooms to a central line so we can have virtual meetings with video feed. Of course, if I can join the meeting via an app on my mobile phone or my smartwatch, that would be great!

Soh Choon Hock, CNB

My vision is to have virtual 3-D crime scenes for forensic specialists, investigating officers, law enforcement officers and Deputy Public Prosecutors to re-visit them for additional evidence and to show the court how the crime scene looks like in exact dimension. Rather than seeing the images on a computer, these images can appear in front of them in a holographic and 3-D format.

Jacqueline Salim, IRAS

I imagine I’ll still need face-to-face meetings in the future. When needed, my work space can be converted into a meeting space, with portable soundproof wall screens that can turn opaque. Everyone can project their screens in high-definition resolution via a device on their laptops. Gesture recognition tech will allow us to interact with the projected images by pinching or swiping. All notes and amendments will be captured in soft copy. When we brainstorm using traditional tools like paper and markers, my desk can scan, capture and generate a preview of the notes. At the end of a meeting, the soft copy note is sent to each member – by a voice command – and stored in our collaboration portal.

    Jan 1, 2016
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