What is Your Most Memorable (Best or Worst) Customer Service Encounter Ever?

Readers share their thoughts!

Winning Entry - Laura Lim Quee Eng (CPF Board)


My watch battery “died” so I went to get it fixed. After the shop assistant finished removing the old battery and replacing it, I was all ready to pay and leave. To my amazement, she continued painstakingly to brush away the dust which was trapped in between the tiny hinges of the metal watch strap. She sprayed some liquid and used a cloth to wipe and polish the strap with such tender care. Lastly, she bent the strap several times and patiently told me that she was loosening the hinges in the watch strap as it was stiff and uncomfortable to wear. After thanking her gratefully, I felt humbled by her professionalism and pride in her work. She reminded me of the story of the happy bricklayer who when asked what he was doing, replied “I am building a cathedral” as opposed to his colleague’s reply “I am laying bricks”.

Thanks Laura for sharing this inspiring encounter with us. A $100 Swatch voucher is on its way now!

I was at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel for a special dinner with a client. The hotel manager served their best dishes and greeted us well. In addition, he explained the origins of the dishes, how they were prepared and how these food benefits our health. In my opinion, the hotel manager shared something out of his job scope such as health knowledge and how we should keep our diet healthy in the long term. Customer service is about giving something extra and going the extra mile to make customers happy.
Yuan Xue Lian, Vital.org

About a year ago, I was on my way back from a night class and was walking towards the bus-stop. It was pretty late and I saw bus Number 74 which I was about to board for home. I was still at a far distance when I saw the bus and I started running. The bus captain saw me and kindly waited for me. I thanked him for waiting but did not take his name. He could have just driven off since I was still far off but that act of kindness touched me and I got home in good time. It makes the world a better place when we have people who serve from their heart and not for the money. I am so proud of our bus captains. I always believe that when you refresh others, you will be refreshed.
Beanes Kartara, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

The best customer service I encountered was on an SIA flight. My daughter vomited after some food and my husband and I were at a loss as to what to do. A kind and professional steward came by, assessed the situation and told us to care for our daughter while he got gloves and cleaning equipment. He cleaned up the mess, changed the seat cover for my daughter and apologised for not being able to change the belt as it was attached to the seat.

He was very calm and didn’t look disgusted at the huge mess. Even after cleaning up, he periodically came over to check if we were all right and even put some coffee bags under our seats to mask the smell. My husband and I were very grateful for and appreciative of his help and really admired his professionalism to go beyond what was needed of him. It was indeed customer service at its best.

Naomi Abraham, MOE

The worst customer service experience has got to be at Festive Hotel Resorts World Sentosa. You check in as a guest of the most expensive Deluxe King Suite, but at the breakfast buffet, you order your coffee which never comes, or the orange juice never gets replenished or the waiter comes to ask you five times what your room number is.
Cynthia Lee Poh Lian, MCYS

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