How Do You Read Challenge?


Share your idea for a new made-in-Singapore product. How would it look or work?

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The winning entry will receive an attractive prize worth up to $100. All other published entries will win vouchers worth $30 each. Please include your name, agency email address, agency and contact number.

All entries should reach us by January 23, 2014.

How do you read Challenge?


Lee Boon Gek,
I love to read Challenge magazine because the layout is very good with many photos and drawings. The content is very interesting and entertaining, and it makes me more knowledgeable. There was once when I forgot my house keys; I waited outside at the staircase, reading the magazine, which I found by chance in my bag. What I love best are the cartoon illustrations on the inside and on the covers of Challenge. I collect many Challenge magazines. Great layout and pictures!

Congratulations, Boon Gek! What a lovely shot! We’re sending you $100 worth of vouchers to the Trick Eye Museum so you can enjoy their graphics and have fun taking interesting photos.

Rodrigo Illan Garcia, 
Having a good laugh with Challenge on our way to the “challenging” task of building yet another new MRT line.
Jixuan Zeng,
Here is a photo of me reading Challenge magazine with my son before he goes to bed! Bedtime stories...
Faith Boey,
Rising to the Challenge!
    Jan 1, 2015
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