The Top 10 Challenge Stories In 2020

From deep dives into important trends to words of wisdom from veteran public officers, Challenge provides all sorts of content for Singapore’s public officers. Here is a compilation of Challenge’s most popular pieces from 2020.
The Best Articles Every Public Officer Should Read

Be a Better Public Officer

Challenge’s most-read pieces show that officers are always looking to improve themselves at work.

Adjusting Back To Work In The Office In The New Normal

With the upheavals caused by COVID-19, it’s important to stay motivated and effective at work while keeping team morale up, especially with split-team arrangements becoming the new norm.

You Don't Always Have To Hold A Meeting And Here's Why

Public officer or not, time is of the essence in many workplaces. Learn how to hold effective meetings, or how to tell if you need one at all.

How The CPF Board Made CPF Nominations Digital

Going digital: A look into how the Central Provident Fund Board redesigned its nomination service to provide a smoother and seamless process for CPF members.

If You’re Short on Time

New to Challenge or to being a public officer? Start here for a quick scan of all you need to know about the Public Service.

23 Things Public Officers Should Know

Get to know the Singapore Public Service like the back of your hand and see more of what Challenge offers with this all-in-one guide.

10 Things You Should Read Before Joining the Public Service

From serious employment tips to comical catchphrases used by public officers, this collection of stories lets you in on what working in the Public Service is like.

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The Trends and Topics to Know

Long live the long form story – Challenge delves into the issues public officers need to know.

Singapore Agenda: The End Of Waste?

Learn about the government’s plans on enhancing Singapore’s sustainability efforts, such as enhancing food waste and packaging reduction in supermarkets, hotels and manufacturing companies.

Singapore Agenda: The End Of Retirement?

This article explores the issue of ageism in the workforce and how older folks can continue to contribute to and beyond the workforce.

The People Who Inspire

Hear how other public officers balance their work and personal pursuits, and stay the course when work gets tough.

Transforming Singapore Into A City In Nature: NParks Volunteers

Two Ministry of Education officers provide insights on being an educator and how their volunteer experiences with the National Parks Board enrich their lives at work and in leisure time.

Hwang Yu-Ning: Luck Plays A Role In One’s Career, But Favours Those Who Dare

The Deputy Chief Executive of the Urban Redevelopment Authority shares her story of overcoming career setbacks and how seizing opportunities led to her success.

Lim Soo Hoon: Making An Impact At Work, Reframed

Singapore’s first female Permanent Secretary writes about what it takes to find your purpose at work. Whether you’re still feeling fired up about making a difference for Singaporeans or feel that your spark has dimmed, this is a great read to (re)kindling your passion for public service.

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