Flights of Fancy

Instead of the usual Merlion keychain or batik-print item, try these souvenirs by our local designers the next time you need a uniquely Singapore gift. Created for two local museums and curated by design practice FARM, these products aren’t just pretty; they’re also functional and smart.

01. Mirrors by Kenneth Chee, AntFarm Design, $20
Set of five cards to (literally) “show” you care

02. Super Sincere Sentiments by H O K O, $15
Set of five cards with quirkily “insincere” greetings

03. Hungry < Pig > Happy by Bassam Jabry, Chemistry, $88
This piggy tips forward in contentment when filled

04. 71 Square Centimetre Ruler by Han Kiang Siew, $22
Measures exactly 1/100000000000 of Singapore

05. Trophy Hunter by Justin Long & Jerry Goh, HJGHER, $30
Set of two badges with interchangeable features

06. Paper Weight: Mooncake inspired by the National Museum of Singapore, $18
This Mid-Autumn “pastry” is definitely a heavyweight

07. Kueh Tutu Eraser Gift Set by Yong Jieyu & Winston Chai, $10
Set of four erasers that look as tasty as the confectionery

08. NoseJob by Jackson Tan & Tanny Wong, Black Design, $15
Shape the nose you’ve always wanted with this set of two erasers

09. A Badge is a Medal by TriggerHappy, $15
Use it to emphasise brand logos on your shirt to stand out

10. Adapter by Felix Ng, SILNT, $30
A wooden pen organiser plug-in for cylinders

11. Traditional Games: Five Stones inspired by the National Museum of Singapore, $12
An old childhood fave in a new bottle

12. 变脸 – The Face Changing by Sebastian Chun, Super Bear, $18
Badges with Sichuan opera-like ability to switch faces

13. Precious Rubs by Casey Chen, $12
Set of two diamond erasers to remind us to keep errors rare

All items can be purchased at the FARM Online Store at

    Jan 18, 2011
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