Creating Tomorrow's Industry Spaces

A nondescript construction site in western Singapore yields a treasure trove of leading-edge engineering innovations.
With its raw, unfinished exteriors and array of building equipment, it looked like just another construction site in Tuas.

But for the 20-odd participants who visited JTC Space @ Tuas in February with Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Teo Chee Hean, Minister in charge of the Civil Service, the site represented a showcase of ground-breaking construction technologies.

A Better Way to Build
Organised by the Public Service Division’s Engineering Programme Office, the visit showed how JTC is driving initiatives to boost productivity, safety and innovation. Amidst the noonday heat, participants learnt how the agency is leveraging technology such as robots and drones and partnering with universities to boost its research capabilities, with JTC officers exploring new technological frontiers.

One recent example of this is JTC’s adoption of pre-cast construction methods. Besides touring the pre-cast yard, participants witnessed the workings of an on-site extrusion machine, which produces steel parts used for building façades. By making such parts on-site, transport costs can be greatly reduced.


High-rise Innovation
Another highlight of the visit was the hoisting and installation of a pre-cast worker dormitory at the top of a seven-storey structure. Producing dormitory modules offsite is not only faster, it also cuts manpower and transport costs.

As the visit drew to a close, DPM Teo met with JTC officers and engineers, thanking them for their contributions.


Indeed, it isn’t just an organisation’s willingness to embrace change that allows it to be at the forefront of innovation; JTC is also keenly aware of the need to equip its officers with new competencies. This sentiment was affirmed by the officers who have taken to engineering as their vocation.

“JTC has exposed me to challenging projects across a spectrum of industries such as the precision engineering, furniture, and electronics sectors,” said Senior Engineer Rao Yi Min of JTC’s Mechanical and Electrical Department. “These have helped me to grow my professional knowledge!”

To see more photos from JTC Space @ Tuas, check out DPM Teo's FB page.
    Mar 19, 2017
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