A Transformation in Service

When exceeding customers’ expectations is par for the course.

A Transformation in Service

Easy, Effective and Empathetic: those words, known as the 3E Service Principles, form the goal of every customer service experience at the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB).

Knowing that customers’ expectations are constantly evolving, CPF’s Service Team took the initiative to develop a scientific, method-driven approach towards revamping their customer service journey.

Mr Wong Yan Jun, the Group Director of Customer Relations at CPFB, took up his role in 2016 and immediately began “many rounds of walking the ground.” His outreach showed him that CPFB’s ambassadors were hardworking and wanted to give their very best to Singaporeans who came to them for service.

To help the ambassadors do better, Mr Wong assembled a team of officers with a range of expertise and experience. Their project, the Service Transformation Journey, is focused on the 3E Service Principles.

Easy means everything can be found quickly at one stop,” explains Mr Wong. “Users know where to go and what to do; these are all clear and intuitive. Effective means that complex information and words are reduced to simple language and visuals. Services are timely, accurate and consistent. Every issue can be solved at the first instance.”

According to Mr Wong, perhaps the most important “E” is Empathetic, a quality that drives CPFB’s ambassadors to assure customers that the agency understands their problems and treats each of them as individuals.

The Service Transformation Journey was not without its challenges. For example, the team had to strike a balance between experimentation and maintaining regular operations. “However, we managed to overcome these challenges through sheer desire, determination and discipline,” says Mr Wong with a smile.

The team’s commitment also helped it to chalk up notable successes such as the personalisation of the CPF Retirement Planning Service. “Instead of citizens searching for generic retirement information and customising it for themselves,” explains Mr Wong, “now we personalise this information and deliver it to citizens on a one-to-one basis.”

The team also launched mobile service centres that visit the heartlands to reach out to Singaporeans and serve their needs. This proactive engagement helps residents learn more about CPF's policies without having to go to a CPFB office.

As part of its efforts, the team also roped in citizens to enhance service offerings. “Besides relying on our trusted customer service executives, we employed retired senior citizens who have been through the retirement journey themselves, to share their experiences,” explains Mr Wong. “Now, not only do we offer Singaporeans peace of mind through our schemes and policies, we also provide them with the assurance of easy, effective and empathetic service.” ■

THIS IS WHY WE SERVE: CPFB is one of the recipients of the PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award (Team) at this year’s Excellence in Public Service Awards (ExPSA) ceremony. Look out for more coverage of this year’s ExPSA recipients!

    May 25, 2017
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