13 Motivational Articles For Your Mental Health

Mental health is not a new topic, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put it firmly in the spotlight. From tips on how to manage stress at work to personal testimonials from public officers about how they handle difficult mental states, these 13 articles cover strategies that can improve your mental well-being and happiness at work.
There are several strategies that you can use to maintain a positive and healthy mental wellbeing.

De-stress And Stay Determined

1. Three Ways To Find Respite From A Busy Life

“When you can identify discomforts within yourself early and act to relieve them, you can prevent them from escalating further into pain.”

Are you feeling stressed out lately? Researcher Shuyi Chua shares simple and effective exercises that can help to relax the mind and body.

2. Recharge Your Energy By Powering Down

“Like time, energy is finite; but unlike time, [energy] is renewable,” Mr Schwartz wrote in The New York Times.

Productivity isn’t all about churning numbers for hours straight. Learn how to allocate your time wisely for different activities and optimise your energy.

3. Tips To Prevent Burning Out At Work

“Whether you have a team of one or one hundred, you are doing your people a disservice by trying to do everything yourself.”

Singapore’s first Design Ambassador Agnes Kwek spills hard truths about personal commitments, job performance and controversial work ethics.

Let’s Get Personal

4. Managing Your Screen-Life Balance While Working From Home

“With the challenges of transitioning from our old house to our current apartment, and with longer screen-time for work, I needed to remind myself that I can still put some colour and positivity around me.”

Hear what different public officers have to say about balancing screen time and other activities during this extended period of working from home.

5. National CARE Hotline volunteers from MOE and MSF

“Volunteering helps me look beyond myself. I feel more energised and uplifted when contributing to the well-being of others. A few hours a month refocuses me on what is truly meaningful in life.”

Doubling up as volunteers at the National CARE Hotline, two female public officers talk about what it takes to provide psychological first aid to people in mental distress.

6. What's Love Got To Do With Work?

“I have learnt to accept imperfection, value authenticity, and see others as whole persons who are more than their job titles. When I accept and appreciate my colleagues, the workplace becomes a great place to work.”

Inspired by a Khalil Gibran poem, Ms Khoo Seok Lin wrote an article about how she instils love in various aspects of her work.

Learn to appreciate your colleagues.

Wellness At Work

7. Trust Begets Trust: Taking Care of a Work Team’s Mental Wellness

“We were all struggling at home with young kids and she provided an avenue for me to share my struggles with colleagues who were going through the same thing. It helped me feel I was not alone.”

At the Ministry of Communications and Information, the Finance department are a team who look out for one another beyond work by first building up trust – and good work practices.

8. Ask A Pro: Hush Tea Bar’s Anthea Ong On Workplace Wellness

“What’s most impactful is to get leaders to be mental health champions – better yet if they can come forward to share their own mental health difficulties.”

At Hush Tea Bar, silence speaks louder than words. Find out how a start-up founded by Ms Anthea Ong cultivates social inclusivity and champions mental wellness.

Get The Facts Right

9. When Everything Seems Grey

“Mentally unwell people are possessed.”

This myth-debunking article might be nearly 10 years old, but the same misbeliefs about mental illness still linger around today. Share this piece with someone to increase mental health awareness and reduce stigma.

10. Unravelling The Mysteries Of Motivation

“Money is the best motivator for everyone except millennials, who prefer purpose and autonomy.” Is this true or false?

Everybody’s source of determination and perseverance varies. Dive into this article to surprise yourself with some facts about dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

Understanding Emotions

11. Loneliness - Trends Around The World

Before COVID-19 hit, depression has been and still is an epidemic that many people across the globe deal with. How do different countries tackle this mental and emotional crisis? Read to find out.

12. Instruction Manual: All About Resilience At Work

“When I am on my deathbed, what would the older and wiser ‘me’ advise the younger ‘me’ now?”

Sometimes, asking yourself the hard questions from time to time helps you to re-evaluate your life choices and understand what keeps you going.

13. What We Can Learn From Our Pet Animals

“Cats are truly simple. If we want to eat, we eat; if we want to sleep, we sleep; when we are angry, we are angry utterly; when we cry, we cry with all the desperation of extreme commitment to our grief.” – Natsume Soseki’s novel I Am A Cat.

Don’t underestimate the emotional comfort a pet’s companionship can bring and what behavioural instincts we can learn from these furry animals.

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    Jun 22, 2021
    Kate Ling
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